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Hank 3.jpg

dob 05/08/2013

OFA Hips Excellent Elbows Normal 

PRA Clear EIC Clear HNPK Clear 
Pure Chocolate - Full Dentition
OFA Echo Doppler Normal
Pure Chocolate - Full Dentition
Hank 5 years
Hank 5 years
Hank 5 years
Hank 11 months
Hank 2 years
Hank 3 years
Sureshot Hyspire Impressive
Mallorns Impulse
AC Pekka of Lontras Labs
Mallorn's Ursa Major
Noruck Hercules EP
Noruck Iara JH
Firstway Jasmine of Noruck
Preton Santino
Zen Doris of Buddy Hunter
Dory (Sanchez)
Kiss Zen of Buddy Hunter
X-Girl of Buddy Hunter
Don Athos Tokay Lab
Pietra Chipper of Buddy Hunter
Hank 8 weeks
Hank 6 years
Besides his conformation qualities, Hank stands out for the fantastic temperament. He is back home to Brazil after 3 years living at Shalimar Labradors (USA) and is available for stud service with approven bitches
Hank 3 months b_editado.jpg
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